Who We Are

Rico-WerkHigh-Voltage Technology

Who We Are?

Rico-Werk Eiserlo & Emmrich Ltd. evolved since 1969 into one of the largest manufacturers of high-voltage DC systems for electrostatic precipitator in Europe. So far, we have built over 12,000 installations, which are in use worldwide.

Our products include the top technology in the supply of high voltage electrical filters.

What We Do?

The removal of dust from flue gases by means of electrostatic precipitators is a way of reducing costs and has proved its value over and over again down the years. Our HV units are used together with electrostatic filters in environments where large volumes of flue gas, dust or process gases need to be purified.

Why Choose Us?

For many years now Rico has had an excellent reputation with its customers for speedy and effective service. Our customer service department guarantees to give your units the best possible service and maintenance. We can also repair and maintain units of other manufacturers competently and carefully. We have all the usual spare parts in stock.

We offer a wide range of services for all brands, including:
  • sealing of existing HV units
  • replacement of HV bushings
  • replacement of LV bushings
  • replacement of all seals
  • checking all important functions
  • replacing all connections
  • Retrofitting of separator grounding switches on location
  • Retrofitting of oil sumps on location
  • Complete blank wiring at the high voltage end in VA
  • Inspection of and consulting services for existing installations

We can also repair and maintain older-type transformers (e.g. those with an expansion tank)

High-voltage DC power units
Switch cabinet design
Process Automation
Maintenance / Service
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