High-Voltage Technology

High voltage

High-voltage technology for electrostatic precipitators

Electrostatic precipitators remove dust and aerosols from exhaust gases. They consist of housings containing electrodes and strong electrostatic fields. In the electrostatic fields, the particles are electrically charged and then deflected from the gas stream and collected on the precipitation electrodes. From there, the collected particles are removed from the electrostatic precipitator and then transported to landfills.

The collecting electrodes are designed as plates or tubes, whereby the surfaces of the electrodes can be dry or wet. The high-voltage electrodes, which form the opposite pole to the collecting electrodes, can have different shapes. In principle, they are sharp-edged so that the electrons can escape from them and charge the particles.

The strong electrostatic fields are generated by high-voltage DC power supplies with different properties:

  • Systems with pronounced residual ripple (single-phase systems)
  • Systems with low residual ripple (three-phase systems)
  • Systems for special applications (micro pulser)

Power supplies for electrostatic precipitators consist of a transformer rectifier unit and a switch cabinet.

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