Gemini High-voltage regulation system for electrostatic precipitator


Our new generation provides

  • Preemptive control algorithms in swarm intelligence architecture on Gemini-link to the constantly changing deposition conditions in the electrostatic precipitator dynamically adjust the High-voltage direct current transformer and avoid unnecessary flashovers.
  • comfortable handling due to a modern multilingual interface with a multi-touch glass surface and capacitive controls.
  • a high level of system reliability and availability (eg. Integrated Uninterrupted Power Supply)
  • a voltage regulator with a safety-related indications.
  • a secure investment for the future (e.g. innovative hardware architecture).
  • Automatic detection and individual treatment of different flashover classes.
  • Easy options to various processes by predefined sets of parameters.
  • A high level of security due to a graphical operating concept and a comprehensive rights management in the operation.


Using the Input-Output System, we can meet the most diverse peripherals requirements.

  • 24 digital inputs (isolated)
  • 4 Analoge inputs (4-20mA)
  • 12 Digital outputs (isolated)
  • Fieldbus connection (e.g Profibus)
  • Voltage management (3 outputs 24V DC)


The Analog Signal Protection unit allows us an accurate measurement data analysis even under difficult conditions.

  • 9 analog measuring channels (isolated)
  • 1 analog input (4-20mA)
  • 1 Digital output (isolated)


Our PowerBoost with wireless Technology ensures anytime safe operation of the high-voltage system.

  • Optical ignition pulse input
  • Innovative synchronization
  • Service operation for fault analysis
  • Wireless communication

Special features of the Gemini system

Experience our new generation

Attractive design

Modern GUI design will inspire you.

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Powerful analysis support

Meaningful measurement data representations will help you.

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Extensive communication

Modular communication options will support you.

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Rico Gemini at the Pulsing Three Phase System Disenthrals Sinter Dust

Dusts at the sintering belt have been considered in the past as the royal discipline for an electrostatic precipitator rsp. its high voltage power supply. Technological sophisticated micro pulse systems were regarded as the only sensitive solution for a satisfying dust precipitation. The Pulsing Three Phase Technology from Rico-Werk managed already to open a new chapter for the ESP at the sintering belt: The appearantly very high resistive and therefore spark over intensive precipitation process moves to a current loaded supplying due to short time conversions in the dust resistance behavior (see also report at the ICESP 2018 in Charlotte/USA). The new Gemini from Rico-Werk disenthrals the problematic sinter dust completely and controls the high voltage as calm as it treats the ash of a lignite power plant.

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