Control Units


High-Voltage Control Units for ESP's


The operation of a transformer rectifier unit always includes a corresponding controller unit. The control unit guarantees optimum adaptation of the high voltage to the operating conditions of the electrostatic precipitator and the associated optimum dust separation in the filter. Normally, the controller units are designed as flashover rate controllers with subordinate voltage and current control functions.

Rico-Werk has successfully developed many generations of controllers for electrostatic precipitators since 1978 and thousands of them are in use worldwide.

Thanks to the continuous further development of the controller units and our many years of experience, we can always offer you an optimum solution:


Current controller units for electrostatic precipitator operation:

  • Gemini (digital controller with fieldbus interface)
  • Prometos-DP (digital controller with Profibus interface)
  • gamma-DP (digital controller for three-phase technology with Profibus interface)
  • Typ 835 (analog controller)

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